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Judah Kosky - 2007 Toyota Highlander

I would encourage you to read the entire story of our visit and why I would give this company 6 stars. But in summary, I have been overly shocked at Ed's honesty and integrity. We got a great vehicle at a great price. Please keep reading to get an idea of why I would recommend Drive 5280 to everyone. It is an example of how they do business and stand behind their product. We just bought a Toyota Highlander Hybrid from them. We worked with both Buzz and Ed. The experience was very straightforward and no hard salesman techniques (and I have seen quite a few techniques). We test drove the vehicle prior to buying it and it drove fantastic. However, there was a rattling noise coming from the steering column. It was driving my wife pretty crazy (and after a week of driving it, I don't blame her). We asked if they would fix it before we purchase the car. They tried, but to no avail. They told us to take it into a dealer and they will cover the costs. We took it in twice for them to figure out the cause of the noise and diagnosed a new steering column. It ended up costing quite a bit of money, and when I spoke to Ed I could tell that he wasn't expecting to pay for that much. This is where I was floored. He said, "I made a promise to you and your wife that we would fix it, and we will. I have learned a hard lesson for the future." I know that it was not a large profit opportunity for them to sell us the vehicle and do the repairs. But they valued the customer and having integrity over making money. My wife told me what I was thinking: "You don't see that very much in this day and age." And she is right. Thank you Ed.

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